Thursday, December 23, 2010

2008 Topps Mayo Want List

I'm not collecting the whole set, just a few inserts and base cards. I can't seem to find any of these cards in the packs that I buy so I thought I'd put up a want list.

Thanks for looking.

17 Ryan Grant
37 Tommie Harris
91 Luis Castillo
92 Troy Aikman
96 Malcom Kelly
186 Josh Johnson
196 Gale Sayers
209 Norman Rockwell
305 Aaron Rodgers
* S-5 RMS Titanic
* S-6 Cutty Sark
* S-7 Queen Mary 2
* S-8 USS Arizona
* S-9 USS Monitor
* S-11 Appomattox
* S-13 SS Andrea Doria
* S-14 RMS Carpathia
* S-15 RV Calypso
* S-16 Nimrod
* S-19 Golden Hind


* H-1 Appaloosa Horse
* H-2 Shetland Pony
* H-3 Tennesee Walking Horse
* H-4 Mustang
* H-7 Clydesdale
* H-8 Missouri Fox Trotter
* H-10 American Paint Horse
* H-11 Chincoteague Pony
* H-12 Arabian Horse
* H-14 Zebra

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Allen and Ginter Mini Want List

So far this is my want list for this years A&G set.

Regular Border:


Black Border:


Celestial Stars:

Lords of Olympus:
1-25 (Finished)

Monsters of the Mesozoic:
1-25 (Finished)

National Animals:
1-50 (Finished)

Sailors of the Seven Seas:
1-10 (Finished!)

Saltiest Sailors:(haha, yeah right! Like I'll be able to finish this one)

World's Biggest:

World's Wordsmiths: